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The Jesuits of the Bombay Province have taken to heart the mandate given to them and to all Jesuits by the 36th General Congregation: ‘To row out into the deep.’ This call is not something new. But it has got implications that are quite specific to our 21st century context.

For us concretely it means, ‘rekindling in us a passion to serve at the margins,’ ‘getting back to living in greater proximity to the poor,’ ‘animating processes rather than occupying spaces,’ ‘influencing the thinking in the Church & in wider society,’ and most importantly, ‘returning to the core of our charism, i.e. to grow in union and familiarity with the Lord.’

We embark on this 21st century voyage, insistently asking for God’s consolation and rejoicing in the fact that Christ’s compassionate gaze from the cross embraces us totally with all our insecurities, limitations and grand desires.

The 36th General Congregation also affirmed that Jesuits today are increasingly being called to a mission of Reconciliation and Justice (Decree 1, GC 36). As Jesuits of the Bombay province we feel drawn to making this the underlying principle in all our work.

As we continue to row out into the deep we realize that we are called to be ever generous, audacious, yet realistic in mission. And hence as a province we have zeroed in on what should be our thematic priorities and our apostolic priorities for the years ahead:

Thematic Priorities
  1. Comprehensive Spiritual Renewal
  2. Fostering an Inclusive Attitude in all areas of life
Apostolic Priorities
  1. Ministry with Youth
  2. The Retreat Ministry

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