The first Jesuits made their mark as preachers, convent reformers, and missionaries, but in 1548 the Jesuits opened their first college intended for lay students at Messina in Sicily. It was an instant success, and petitions for more Jesuit colleges flowed into Rome from most of the cities of Catholic Europe. Quickly, education became the main Jesuit ministry. Along with education came the writing of books - textbooks, catechisms, scholarly works in theology and philosophy, answers to Protestant polemics, scripture studies, plays written for production at Jesuit colleges, descriptions of the peoples and parts of the world visited by Jesuit missionaries.

The Bombay Province has produced many Jesuits of great intellectual calibre who have made a significant contribution in fields of Indian culture, history, theology, botany, scripture, education, etc., through their books and research papers. The books and articles written by Bombay Jesuits alone are too many to mention. We have here just a few illustrations of books written by Bombay Jesuits: