Province Officials & Commissions


D’Cruz Wendell, Rector, Talasari
(linked with Social Action-Mass Literacy Commissions)
D’Souza Keith, St. Xavier's College
(linked with Formation Commissions)
Miranda Trevor, Shrine of the Infant Jesus, Nashik
(linked with Spirituality-Dialogue Commission)
Rodrigues Luke, Socius to Provincial
(linked with Education and Youth-Vocation Commissions)


Olalekar Prashant, Prov. Coord. Culture & Dialogue
Vaz Thomas, Prov. Coord. Education (PCE)
Toscano Anthony, Prov. Coord. Finance
Mascarenhas Frazer, Prov. Coord. Formation (PCF)
Vaz Vincent, Prov. Coord. Pastoral-Ignatian Spirituality
Dias Anthony, Prov. Coord. Social Action-Mass Literacy
D’Souza Ivan, Vocation Promoter
D’Souza Brian, Prov. Coord. Youth
D’Souza Bruno, Brothers’ Representative
Mascarenhas Fiorello, Promoter of the Apostleship of Prayer


D’Souza Keith, English
Swamy Francis, Marathi
Rodrigues Learoy, Province website


1. Culture & Dialogue:
Prashant Olalekar (Coord), Aubrey Mascarenhas, Julian Saldanha, Vincent D’Mello

2. Education:
Thomas Vaz (PCE-Coord), John-Rose Santiago (Higher Education Rep).

School Education Board:
Francis Swamy (Coord), Thomas Vaz, Dionysius Lobo, Evarist Newnes (Alumni);
Higher Education Committee:
John-Rose Santiago (Coord), Francis de Melo, Blaise D’Souza, Roy Pereira, Arul J. Bosco, Conrad Pesso.

3. Finance:
Arun de Souza (Chairman), Anthony Toscano (Secretary), Blaise D’Souza, Abhay Shirekar, Ex Officio: BXC Directors, Sec. 25 Company Directors, PDO Director, Revisor Arcarum, Chaplain of the Shrine.

4. Formation:
Mascarenhas, Frazer (Coord), Keith D’Souza, Learoy Rodrigues, Thomas Vaz, Francis Fernandes, Savio Fernandes.

5. Pastoral-Ignatian Spirituality:
Vincent Vaz (Coord), Vincent D’Mello, Oswald Gonsalves, Gerard Rodricks, James Mascarenhas, Charles Rodrigues (CLC).

6. Social Action-Mass Literacy:
Anthony Dias (Coord), Neelam Lopes, Noel Pinto, Sanjeev Gonsalves, Trevor Miranda, Godfrey D’Lima.

7. Youth & Vocation Promotion:
D’Souza, Brain (Coord), John Cyriac (Voc. Prom), Felix D’Souza, Roy Pereira, Vijay Gonsalves, Lloyd Sambrya.